■  Actual performance of project Important events of the project



Building project


Taiwan Micron Taichung/MTB 3F Phase2 Network Construction Project
AUO / Taoyuan Branch UPS and power line configuration
China Medical University Hospital/Hsinchu Branch IDC construction and information wiring projec
Ally Logistic Property/Yangmei fac IDC and network engineering
LIHPAO RESORT Information and Fiber Engineering
Taichung Veterans General Hospital/Outpatient building / research building Information, power and communication project


Taiwan Micron Taichung/Factory area Power Scada Power Scada Fiber network configuration
Taiwan Micron Taichung/FAB area Machine Information Line Project
Taiwan Micron Taichung/MTB Factory area OA area fiber and network construction
Taiwan Micron CTSP/M+W Group IDC precision air conditioning (RowCool) project
Taiwan Micron A1&A2/Sheng Yufeng Factory monitoring equipment project
Taiwan Micron Taichung/OA Building 8F South Side Office Information communication line configuration
Taiwan Micron Taichung/TCP factory area Data Center Data Center MPO Fiber construction project / OA zone & FAB zone Network and Fiber construction project
AUO/L8B Internet line of new production line and telephone line configuration
ieboid Taipei / Zhangbin License 1~3 Plant Emergency IP Phone System Equipment Construction
National Chin-Yi University of Technology/ New Machine Building Case Network Information System Construction
Fenghsing Steel UPS project
Kenda Rubber Ind., Co., Ltd. IDC Relocation Project
Energizing Consulting Corp/Yongsheng new factory Information and Telecom Construction Project
Digiwin Dali Software Park New Office IDC project
Zhongzhi / Tyntek Corp. CTSP factory IDC project
NCDTV/Fenyuan. Line West. Xiushui IDC Distribution Center New Project
TBC / New IDC UPS, SMR power supply system project


Taiwan Micron Linkou Huaya Factory MPO Fiber Cabling project
Star Technology IDC Construction Project
SingTel/MediaTek New office building wiring project
YuonShan Technology / Hon Hai Group Kaohsiung Hon Hai Software Park IDC Construction
Taichung Veterans General Hospital New Outpatient Building Surveillance System Project
Taiwan Micron CTSP Factory Data Center MPO fiber project
Kingland Industrial/ Taichung Opera House Air conditioning decoration and Communication project


NANPAO IDC Improvement Project
Diebold Pacific/Zhangbin Charter Project Access control project
Yunlin Christian Hospital New building information network project
Kaps/Taiwan Logistics Center Daxi Factory Information and communication project
SingTel /Decathlon Pingtung Store Exhibition Project
Sunspring CTSP factory Information and communication, IDC project


Taifer IDC Improvement Project
Diebold Pacific/Zhangbin Charter Project Charter, Access Control Project
Drager Taiwan Gas Monitoring Project
Powerchip Technology Co., Ltd. SUPS Power Engineering
Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance IDC device integration
Taiwan Micron CTSP Factory MPO fiber backbone configuration
Chaoyang University of Technology ECO IDC construction


Chunghwa Telecom / Kinmen County Police Station IDC construction
Tyco/Zhangbin Charter Project Access Control Project
National Chin-Yi University of Technology student dormitory Student dormitory network construction
National United University new Campus ECO IDC construction
Taiwan New Telecom / Decathlon Lake and Tainan Store Low electricity project
Taiwan Draeger / Taiwan Micron CTSP factory Gas monitoring


VeeTIME / high-speed rail Taipei, Banqiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu IDC construction
IBM/Taiwan Canon (stock) company new factory network construction
Weizhan / Kuang Tien General Hospital Network upgrade
Bionime Daqing new factory network construction
Dahong Advanced CTSP Houli Network, Telecom Construction
AUO CTSP Houli Network, Telecom Construction
Chenfull International CTSP Houli network construction


TSMC Yuluo Technology / TSMC Gas monitoring line construction
Baoan/Far East Department Store Taichung CCTV Construction
SGD/Taichung Hongquan International IDC, network construction
King's Group / AUO Taichung Factory MVPN line configuration
Taipower Central District Operations Department Electric Power Division UPS project
Thailand factory IDC, network construction
Acer Technology / Xinlin Yunlin factory Gas monitoring line construction


Acer/AUO Houli factory Gas monitoring line construction
YongSheng / IRS network construction
Cheng Ching hospital IDC construction
Vida Cloud Central IDC construction
XunDa/ AUO CTSP MVPN line configuration


Golden Gate Winery IDC construction
National Chin-Yi University of Technology IDC construction
The First Research Institute of the Ministry of National Defense UPS project
AUO CTSP M11 Network, Telecom Construction
AUO Houli factory Network, Telecom Construction