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Taipei UPS computer room UPS battery caused a fire
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Battery explosion accident real case

Battery explosion accidents Real case A battery room explosion in a US communication room has exploded on the roof!!
Some customers often ask, how big is the power when the battery explodes? The answer is the same, the power is so great that the roof can be blown up. In this case, In fact, users are very conceptual in using an open battery rack as a way to place their batteries. However, just after the noon on the day of the incident, a sudden loud noise rang, the management arrived at the scene, and the whole person stayed!! He can't believe the sight of his eyes!! The roof of the engine room was gone and flew to the next street. After a detailed investigation, it was found that the reason was that the design of the battery room was naturally ventilated, but in fact, due to the poor chimney effect, Resulting in the inability to generate the required air convection, the battery compartment temperature is too high, and the battery is always overcharged due to incorrect setting of the charging voltage of the device. The hydrogen that overflows from the inside of the battery collects on the ceiling, and when the temperature and concentration reach the appropriate conditions, an explosion occurs!! After the explosion, the high temperature generated also ignited the wires of the battery, causing partial ignition of the battery pack. Fortunately, it was discovered earlier and did not cause a bigger disaster. It is strongly recommended to use battery units, and hire professional battery inspection and maintenance vendors to avoid similar disasters.

Battery explosion accident real case

The battery room of a large domestic research institute was burnt down.
This case is a large-scale research institution in China. The special case is that the battery is still in the warranty period. On the night of the incident, the equipment is all normal but there is a fire in the engine room. The computer room is completely burned and the computer room above the computer room is damaged. Heavy. According to the site after-the-fact survey, many pieces of the original battery structure were found on the scene, which was caused by the explosion of the battery. As for how the battery explosion occurred? Is it a battery quality problem? Or is it caused by poor management?

Battery explosion accident real case

Domestic large-scale hall battery explosion
This case is the battery inside the battery box attached to the UPS mainframe. There is no warning explosion. Fortunately, there are no other equipments and personnel, but the reason can be attributed to the selection of the battery type and the unsound management mechanism of the battery. In the case of replacing the battery as an early means, in addition to the huge update fee, it is necessary to face the mechanism of the unverifiable battery, so that the customer can not exercise the rights and interests during the warranty period (battery process or handling caused by the battery) The bad), the warranty mechanism is ineffective. Once the warranty period expires, the owner can only be in charge of changing the battery without funding, without changing the battery but not confirming the quality standard!!

Battery explosion accident real case

Large domestic nickel-cadmium battery exploded
The battery in this case is a 1.2V large nickel-cadmium battery. Most people think that nickel-cadmium batteries have a long service life and high power supply stability. Therefore, it is easy to overlook that nickel-cadmium batteries also require professional maintenance procedures for management. Avoid the related hazards that may occur in the battery!! In the case, the battery is used in series with 92, but the battery is exploding under the condition of charging, which makes the management worry, and the preliminary investigation should be the accumulation of gas inside the battery. Explosion when the battery is ignited due to high temperature or sparking due to deterioration!! To avoid similar accidents, it is recommended to perform a full physical examination of the battery every year!!

Battery deformation case

The source of power for the uninterruptible power system is the internal battery discharge. Reasons for battery aging In addition to external environmental factors, there are still battery aging caused by internal chemical changes. Even if the battery is placed aside, it will be stagnant, and the battery will still have this aging condition. As a general rule of thumb, the battery life is 2-3 years. If the battery fails for too long and is not replaced, the battery will malfunction and the internal resistance will become large. When the internal resistance becomes large and is not replaced, the battery expands due to heat accumulation, the battery liquid leaks out, and hydrogen and oxygen are generated. If it is left unattended, it will burn due to overheating and endanger the safety of life and property. When the mains supply is interrupted, the UPS cannot supply power and the computer mainframe is down. When the battery fluid leaks to the UPS casing, the UPS casing will be burnt due to the short circuit caused by the grounding of the UPS casing.