Service Raised floor configuration planning

Alloy steel type 300/500 type raised floor
Aluminum alloy type 300 / 500 type raised floor
Honeycomb board (for lower blow type air-conditioning)
Slope plate / foot step configuration (inlet and exit)
PU insulation layer laying (can prevent cold air from being attracted by RC floor)
Grounding copper grid erection (to prevent static interference)
Floor laying:

Elevated floor construction and truss laying

Elevated floor construction:

Honeycomb board construction:

Slope plate construction:

Detachable ramp plate construction:

Step construction:

Insulation layer laying:

Grounding copper mesh laying:

Copper wire grounding grid configuration

Grounding of raised floor:

Effectively remove static electricity, effectively protect the host from static electricity

Grounding box:

Special grounding box and connection setting for raised floor