Service Environmental monitoring system Project

(1) IDC environment has those potential variables
Power supply is unstable or there is no warning power failure
The temperature and humidity are abnormal
Air conditioning host failure caused system shutdown
The occurrence of pipeline leakage events
The generator oil is exhausted and cannot be started when the power is
  cut off.
The problem of leakage of power owed phase equipment
Fire system related components are abnormal
UPS equipment, battery discharge function is abnormal
Alarm when the door is illegally invaded
In the off-hours or in the unmanned IDC, how to notify the information
  manager if there is an abnormality in the equipment room environment?
(2) Detection project:
Temperature and humidity monitoring
Power monitoring
Generator oil level and ATS monitoring
Air conditioning system monitoring
UPS monitoring
Water leakage monitoring
Fire system monitoring
Access control system integration monitoring
Cabinet hot channel exhaust fan monitoring
(3) What are the environmental control systems for those locations?
Internet Data Center room
Telecommunication master room
Laboratory, Service Command Center
Central control room, archive room
unmanned machine room
Environmental Monitoring System Engineering Related Drawings >>>
The actual picture control page of the equipment room environmental monitoring system:
Main control picture Power system
air conditioning system voltage trend graph
Current trend graph Environmental system area
UPS system area Safety management
Historical event area Card record
Precision power distribution
IDC Environmental control
  system software function
Fire Fighting System Parameter setting
Precision air conditioner cabinet
IDC Schematic diagram of the environmental control system
Environmental control planning:
Control panel (1) Signal contact (1)
Control panel (2) Signal contact (2)
Control panel (3) Signal contact (3)
Control panel (4)
Public environmental control practice:
JoySong undertakes the operation of environmental control lines in major disaster areas