Service Power System Engineering Configuration
    Common power problems

The operation of any equipment is closely related to electricity and energy,while the computer room equipment
The factors that make up the power quality during installation are:
(1) Is the power load sufficient?
(2) Is the voltage stable?
(3) Does the power supply have noise interference?
(4) Is the power supply often interrupted by lightning strikes or other uncontrollable factors?
Power system configuration should pay attention to:
(1) Use wire rods from well-known factory to ensure the quality of electric materials
(2) Set up independent and exclusive power circuits and power control panels
(3) The main/shunt switch and socket circuit names should be clearly identified for easy use management.
(4) Commissioned by a qualified professional Grade A electrical contractor for installation and maintenance
(5) Consider the value and reasonable value
Delta related products:
嚗Three-phase modularized uninterruptible power system
嚗Precision power distribution cabinet
嚗Rack power distributor
Power socket:
嚗Buried panel
嚗Surface power socket (1)
嚗Surface power socket (2)
Uninterruptible power supply construction:
嚗Set the UPS specifications according to your needs
嚗Battery pack planning settings
嚗Regular cleaning and maintenance
UPS power circuit allocation planning 嚗
嚗Power output planning
嚗Raised floor circuit planning