Service IDC planning and installation

The Internet Data Center has become the heart of various agencies and corporate headquarters.

The planning and installation of computer rooms is quite extensive, from the power system,grounding system, raised floor, air-conditioning, compartment decoration, lighting, access control monitoring, automatic fire protection, uninterruptible equipment, generator equipment, network equipment Cabinets, environmental monitoring systems and related peripherals, in addition to choosing the appropriate Location, correct materials and equipment, and with professional planning and rich experience.
And improve the immediate after-sales service.
Large IDC嚗

Focus on functional planning. Neatly arranged and easy to maintain

Small IDC嚗

Integrated heat sink to effectively utilize space configuration

IDC actual case嚗

Room switch and integrated layout planning:

Better management and aesthetics through complete planning

IDC raised floor information and power line planning:

Power and line underground

IDC raised floor grounding setting:

Effectively remove static electricity and protect the host from being affected

Route planning at the top of the cabinet:

IDC cold room planning嚗
Multi-function buried panel嚗
Fire extinguishing system: manual starting device嚗

Manual starter

Automatic fire extinguishing system planning:

Argon automatic detection fire extinguishing system

Automatic fire extinguishing system control panel:

Detection and setting fire extinguishing system